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Mondo Sapiens Solo
Mondo Sapiens in Germany and the Netherlands.
You can play Mondo Sapiens Solo online here.

Mondo [2] - der rasante Legespaß
2015 brings in Germany and the Netherlands
Mondo - der rasante Legespaß (in german).

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Mondo - Game Info
On each turn players use one hand to draw tiles from a central pile and place them, either side up, on their world board. Each tile drawn and played, must be placed against a tile already in place on the board. Players will be scoring points for creating mistake free landscapes - so a forest will score points only if it is fully enclosed and doesn't include any mistakes. Players also score points for animals present on the board, and for the order in which they opt out of a turn. Players also need to be mindful of the ways in which they can lose points: any landscape tile placed that doesn't match up with those next to it will score minus 1 point, and the player with the most active volcanos will also score minus points! After three turns the game is finished and the player with the highest points wins the day.

Mondo includes three different levels of play, the advanced game adds in scoring modifiers – allowing things like: the player with the most landscapes scores bonus points, the player with the largest lake scores bonus points and so on. The expert game adds another layer of difficulty with the addition of 'tasks' which a player may take. Tasks provide bonus points if their condition is satisfied at the end of a turn.

The real-time aspect of the game adds tension, as a timer will be ticking down on each turn. Players must be mindful of filling out their board, scoring as many points as they can through landscapes created and animals placed, be wary of not scoring too many negative points, but must also remember that the earlier they opt out of a turn the more points they will score for that as well. With each difficulty level the time allotted grows ever smaller. Mondo is easily modified to create an easier or harder game experience. It also includes rules for a solo game.


for 1 to 4 players, 8+ years, Duration: 20-30 minutes.
Michael Schacht
Graphics: Oliver Freudenreich

Germany: Pegasus Spiele
USA: Z-Man Games
Scandinavia: Lautapelit.fi
Netherlands: White Goblin Games
France/Canada: Filosofia
Czech Republic: MindOK
China: Swan Panasia

 Video Instructions:
 · german (official)
 · english
 · french

Mondo Sapiens

This stand-alone game is designed in its easiest level as close as possible to the preceeding Mondo. But already the roadmaking offers a new challenge. Even experienced Mondo players will be surprised about the new challenges the building and village tiles offer in the advanced and expert game.

Settle your own world with men, buildings and streets. Keep an eye on your opponents because everything happens at the same time. If you get out of the game early enough you'll get bonus points.

Mondo Sapiens is a tile placement game with very easy rules. The variable game system with three levels of dificulty is capable for experienced players as well as for beginners.

Mondo Sapiens

for 1 to 4 players, 8+ years, Duration: 20-30 minutes.
Michael Schacht
Graphics: Oliver Freudenreich

Germany: Pegasus Spiele
Scandinavia: Lautapelit.fi
Netherlands: White Goblin Games

Mondo Additional Player Expansion Set A+B

New Additional Tasks! New Score Modifier! New Landscape Tiles! And the best: you can play with this set Mondo with 5 persons now. And with more sets you can even play with more players!

There are different sets: A and B. These have different new Score Modifiers and Additional Tasks. The new Landscape Tiles are indentical in both sets. With one set you can play with five, with two sets with six persons a. s. o., not depending on which set you take.

Mondo Additional Player Expansion Set A+B

for 1 Spieler, 6+ years, Duration: 5 minutes.
Michael Schacht
Graphics: Oliver Freudenreich

Germany: Pegasus Spiele
Netherlands: White Goblin Games

Mondo Duel
The Flow-Pack with 15 rule and task cards that was released in Germany in June 2011 is a complete Add-On for Mondo named Das Duell (The Duel). It does not cost money but is only available for Mondo-clients.

This two player variant expands the basic game, which is needed, wuith the special Duel Cards. These offer tasks like "Most Woods" or "biggest "Desert" which have to be fulfilled with the well-known landscape tiles from the game..

The player who wins at first two of these cards, wins the whole Duel.

Mondo - The Duel

for 2 players, 8+ years, Duration: 20-30 minutes.
Michael Schacht
Graphics: Oliver Freudenreich

Distribution: Pegasus Spiele

 Downloads [12-19]

Score Modifiers
· Most Active Vulcanos
· Most Animal Couples

Additional Tasks
· No Land Animals

Duel Cards
· Most Animal Species

Mondo Duell (DINA4)
· Cards and rules (german)

Mondo Micro (DINA4)
· Front
· Back

Christmas Card
· Front
· Back

These are new add-ons for Mondo, printed and cut out they expand your game as prefered. More are planned.

Game Rules
· German
· English
· Japanese

· Score Pad

 Variants [08-12]

Random additonal tasks: Don‘t place the additional tasks in the middle. Distribute them instead randomly to the players. They have to be of course fulfilled otherwise you get the usual minus points.

Free choice of the board side: When the timer is set and before a player places his first tile he is allowed to choose for himself which side of the world board he uses.

Fast version (recom. for 2 Spieler):
If a player quits the turn ends immediately for all. For that it is only allowed to have not more than 3 empty fields.

Slow game: At the beginning of a turn the timer will not be started. The first player who quits sets the timer for 1 minute.

Full programm: If you are a very experienced group of players you can play at once with more score modifiers and/or more additional tasks as usual.

Sologame handicap: It is not allowed to flip landscape tiles at anytime. Means: after placing a tile on the world board the top side of the tile is still the same as before in the middle.

Sologame for two: Play according to the solo game rules. The Volcano Chip applies for both players. Additionally play with the two Bonus Chips. As usually the player wins with the least minus point (the Bonus Chip gets charged positively) . Play a 7 minutes time limit.

More variants can be found in the rule booklet.

 Game Hints

HINT: If you want a quick overview on Mondo ar the very start you can act like the following. After the first turn, the second will already be played in the advanced game and the third turn in the expert mode. But choose for all the three turns 7 minutes.

HINT: Experienced player should compare the fronts and backs of tiles. Then they can get a feeling what might be on the back of a tile.

HINT: Experienced Players should always keep an eye on the other players boards. Then you may see wether specific tiles are already taken or not.
Especially for the Scoring Modifiers and the Additional tasks it is actually neccessary.

HINT: For all landscape tiles applies the following: On one side is always a holohedral landscape.

HINT: There are four different animals for each of the four landscape types.

More game hints can be found in the rule booklet.

Mondo (Sapiens) Solo
Mondo Solo and Mondo Sapiens Solo are based on the boardgames and are very strong, simplified variants that can be played on Boardgames Online. Unlike in the boardgames you are not playing against time, instead you are playing against a limited number of rounds.

On the world board are 24 landscape tiles that have to be rearranged error-free, like in a puzzle. Depending on the level, you have 8 to 16 rounds to accomplish this. Various maps are available. The less rounds you need the more points you‘ll get.

So far there are 160 scenarios available with always different start situations in three difficulty levels.

Here you can play Mondo Solo and Mondo Sapiens Solo online.

Mondo Solo
Mondo Sapiens Solo

for 1 Spieler, 6+ years, Duration: 5 minutes.
Michael Schacht
Graphics: Oliver Schlemmer, Oliver Freudenreich

Publisher: Boardgames Online / Spiele aus Timbuktu

You can also play the original rules Mondo in one of the biggest online boardgame communities in realtime: at Brettspielwelt. All the details and levels are implemented as close as possible to the original.

Here you can play Mondo at Brettspielwelt online.

Mondo Micro
The give away from the austrian games museum now here as download. [12-14]

Merry X-Mas
We wish you a Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year! [10-15

Additonal player for Mondo
Two new expansions sets make the game playable for 5 (or more) players. [10-15]

Mondo Mega Match with prices
Hope to see you in a mega match at Essen game fair, the 21th of October, 11:00, booth 6-112 [10-03]

New Download
A brand-new Score Modifier Most animal couples for download available. [10-5]

Mondo wins ...
... at the Fairplay Best Game List Autumn 2011. [10-05]

German Game Price 2011
Mondo reached the 6th place at Deutscher Spielepreis 2011 (german game price). [09-19]

Two times nominated!
Mondo is nominated in Denmark and Finland for the family game of the year. [08-24]

Three new Downloads for the start
One new Score Modifier, Additional Task and Duel Card for download. [08-12]

It is done, the new Mondo-Homepage is online. Have fun when browsing ... [08-12]

 Awards [09-19]

(Recommendation list "Game of the Year 2011")

Dt. Spielepreis 2011, 6th place
(German game price 2011)

Årets Familiespill 2011, 1st place

Guldbrikken 2011, Nomination

Vuoden Peli 2011, Nomination
Spel Van Het Jaar 2012, Nom.
Nederl. Spellenprijs 2012, Nom.

Spieleblitzlichter 2011
(Game flashlights 2011)
Pfefferkuchel 2011, Top 10

Fairplay Best List Autumn, 1st

 Press [08-12]

Meople's Magazine · Garrett's Games · GNT · Spelmagazijn · Boardgamegeek

The Designer
Michael Schacht invents games for more than 25 years and game designing is his fulltime job.

Here the link to the homepage of the designer with a lot of infos and surprises.

The award Spiel des Jahres 2007 (game of the year) for
Zooloretto is his biggest success so far.
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You can find the actual and older issues of the newsletter at the designer's Newsblog.
Alternatively ou can follow his Tweets (@michael_schacht).


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